Tom Jenkins Dam

The Tom Jenkins Dam in Glouster, Ohio, stands as a testament to both flood control and the creation of a recreational haven. The Dam was completed in the 1950s following devastating floods, the dam impounded the East Branch of Sunday Creek, forming the sprawling Burr Oak Lake.

Today, the Tom Jenkins Dam remains a crucial part of the area’s flood control system, while also serving as a landmark and a popular destination for outdoor recreation within Burr Oak State Park.

It is located in the Wayne National Forest.

This not only addressed the flooding issue but also opened doors for leisure activities.

The trails around Burr Oak Lake offer a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake, and spot some local wildlife. So lace up your shoes, grab your camera, and head out for a refreshing hike!

There are plenty of hiking activities to fore everyone. The Burr Oak Reservoir Lake View Trail is a popular 6-mile out-and-back trail, considered easy to moderate. It stretches from the Tom Jenkins Dam eastwards towards the marina. The initial stretch near the dam is known for beautiful wildflowers and can get muddy at times. The trail offers scenic lake views throughout and is a great option for a leisurely hike or run.

The Lakeside Trail is a 3.2-mile trail branches off from the Lake View Trail near the dam and extends eastwards to the Burr Oak State Park Lodge and Marina. It offers a more relaxed route with some sections paved for ease of access. This trail is perfect for a family outing or a casual stroll with scenic lake views.

The BENCAD Trail is a trail and covers the southern part of Burr Oak Lake and connects to the yellow-marked Lakeside Trail on the north side. It’s a moderate trail with some uneven terrain and might not be suitable for all ages or abilities.

Burr Oak State Park also offers a network of horse trails for equestrian enthusiasts. These trails vary in difficulty and length, with options for both experienced riders and beginners.