Make A Difference Day 2021

Picture of flyer: Join us for Make A Difference Day 2021

From April through October the Alum Creek Lake Below Dam Area has A LOT of visitors.

Join us on #MakeADifferenceDay to clean up the park!

Get your free ticket, so that you can join us for hotdogs and snacks after!

Labor Day Weekend Fun at Alum Creek Dam

Join us this Labor Day Weekend in the Below Dam Recreation Area!
It is a weekend full of family fun!  The Below Dam Rec Area is the perfect place for a picnic or BBQ and the US Army Corps of Engineers Park Rangers will be hosting tours of Alum Creek Dam and all kinds of fun!
And just when you think it is too hot…Never Fear! SACCA – Scioto Area Corps Cooperating Association is here to save the day! They have all the snacks, ice creams, popsicle and cold Pepsi products to keep you and your family nice and cool! All proceeds go to benefiting the recreation areas in our local USACE parks, including at Alum Creek!

So show us some dam love (pun 100% intended) and come on by this Labor Day Weekend!

May be an image of ‎outdoors and ‎text that says '‎Join us this US Army Corps ۳۳۳ மOב Engineers Labor Day Weekend! Free Dam Tours! Water Safety Below Dam RecArea @11am,1pm 11 pm Giveaways! &3pm pm Saturday-Monday! Family Games! Ûn Alum Pepsi Products Ice Cream SACCA Snacks Sticker Sale! Below Dam RecArea 12pm-8pm Fun for the Whole Family!‎'‎‎

We Have Dean’s Chocolate or Strawberry Swirl Cups or Vanilla MONDAY 50 CENTS EACH!!!

Our permission to sell in the park expires tomorrow, MONDAY, JULY 5 until July 23.  (We are limited to ‘special events’.)   We promised Ice Cream and when the Ice Cream Truck backed out, we bought lots of Dean’s Ice Cream Cups and will will sell them at our cost!!  50 cents until we run out.  We want park visitors to have ice cream tomorrow!!!

We are also going to sell our Freeze Pops for 3 for $1.  We will open by noon!

Our ice cold Pepsi Products are $2 in the machine or at the Concession’s Stand.  The park gets 50 cents on your purchase from the machine anytime through SACCA and even more when we sell at the Concessions Stand.   Please help by purchasing cold drinks.  We will also have snacks.


FYI – We do not have credit card sales, but can process your total purchase or donation through our ‘ticket system’.  You can process it for the total purchase at:  (Please process your purchase after agreeing on the total with the clerk, then show your confirmation.  Thank you.  (Minimum $5 purchase — please purchase at least one Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Dr. Pepper or Aquafina with the purchase or donate a dollar to cover our processing costs.  Ice cream is at cost.)



Don Miller, President of the Benjamin Franklin Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (BFCSAR) visited Sylvia Chelf and Kara Blomgren at the Visitor Center to discuss the donation of a Liberty Tree.  Tom Arend, Past President of BFCSAR, and his wife Cathy donated the funds for the tree which is in recognition of the July 4, 2026 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution.  The Liberty Tree stood outside Boston Commons and was the gathering point for the Revolution in the 5 years leading up to it.  Alum Creek’s tree will be planted and grown for planting 2026.



Last weekend we made a few hundred dollars offering Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Dr. Pepper, Sierra Mist and Gatorade 20 oz. bottles for $2.  Also a few light snacks.

But park visitors demanded ice cream!

We are working hard to work out insurance, permits and approvals, but we will have an ice cream truck in the park this weekend and there after to the extent Corps of Engineers regulations permit.

Remember the new dam stickers and memberships are provided for a $5 donation.  We report our volunteer time and donations to the US Army Corps of Engineers annually, unless you ask us not to.


June 2021 – SACCA’S First Program Month (USACE Partnership)

After 20 months of establishing the organization our first actual program month should go into full gear fast.

Pepsi In Parks

G&J Pepsi is providing SACCA and the USACE with assistance in providing vending and concessions in our federal parks for the first time in the dams 50 year history.

  • Pepsi products will be available in vending machines where USACE has provided space – definitely at Alum Creek dam park and visitor center.
  • SACCA makes 50 cents on every $2 drink sold.
  • We hope to have concessions at Alum Creek Below Dam Recreation Area.  G&J is working with us on providing a trailer not only for Concessions but to use as an Information/Program Booth.
  • Our agreement with the USACE does not permit continuous sales so we will only open for concessions on Movies in the Park and Holiday Weekends as currently planned.
  • We are more interested in providing Community Service than fundraising, but we need both.

Dr. Suess – The Lorax – June 26 (Alum Creek)

Weather permitting at 9 p.m. at Alum Creek dam we will be showing Dr. Suess – The Lorax.  (Rain date for both movies is August 21).  We will have concessions available for the weekend if we get volunteers for our Concessions offering.

Raya – The Last Dragon – July 24 (Alum Creek)

Weather permitting at 9 p.m. at Alum Creek dam we will be showing Raya – The Last Dragon.

$5 Charter Memberships (No real benefit, just makes you an official Corps partner.)

I have a goal of selling 2,500 $5 Charter Memberships by September 30.

$5 Dam Stickers

According to rangers and volunteers there is a demand for dam stickers so we have printed 500 of each sticker to find out.  We have 3,000 dam stickers we are providing for a $5 contribution – collect all six!

 Just Another Dam Race & Fun Mile

We intend to make the Just Another Dam Race our major fundraising event.  We need 80 registered runners to break even so if we get good participation 100% of our sponsor funds will go to programs.  The Board has set a goal of 70% funds for West Parking Lot Improvements and 30% to SACCA’s general fund for all dam parks.

REMEMBER:   The Thomas R. Gross Family Foundation founded and funds our operations, therefore all contributions go directly to programming.