Conflict of Interest Policy

The Scioto Area Corps Cooperating Association (SACCA) is committed to supporting the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in a manner reflective of Corps ethics and integrity. SACCA operates without bias or conflict of interest.

SACCA annually requires all Board Members to identify any potential Conflicts of Interest which may have arisen. A Conflict of Interest arises when a person, family member or entity, or entity a person represents, stands to benefit directly or indirectly from any action or decision of SACCA. 

1. USACE personnel always represent USACE in all interactions with SACCA. While they may participate as a member, they cannot vote or transact business. 

2. All Board Members, voting and non-voting are required to sign an annual Conflicts of Interest statement. 

3. The Board of Directors is required to fully consider all documented potential Conflicts of Interest and take action as required. No person with an ongoing, direct Conflict of Interest will serve on the SACCA Board of Directors. 

4. For short term potential Conflicts of Interest, Board Members must recuse themselves from all Board discussion and decisions.