The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)  needs a non-profit partner to provide enhanced services above and beyond the Homeland Security budget for Water Safety, Habitat Rehabilitation, Recreation Improvement and Cultural Education.

SACCA is the first official non-profit partner of the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for Central Ohio.  SACCA collects tax exempt donations on behalf of the Alum Creek, Deer Creek, Delaware, Dillon, Paint Creek, and Tom Jenkins (Burr Oak) dam projects, assuring funds are invested in the best interests of the local community.

SACCA is a tax exempt 501 (c) (3) corporation in the State of Ohio.

Central Ohio communities want safe, secure, parks which maximize recreational opportunities while preserving habitats and promoting knowledgeable use including local history.

SACCA, in partnership with the USACE Huntington District, can seek funding from sources which exclude government entities.  SACCA will seek grants for identified Water Safety, Habitat Rehabilitation, Recreation Improvement and Cultural Education for Alum Creek, Deer Creek, Delaware, Dillon, Paint Creek, and Tom Jenkins (Burr Oak) USACE parks and programs.

The U.S. Congress and other funding sources recognize numbers and expect local communities to display support for worthy causes.  The best thing you can do is buy a $5 SACCA dam membership.  Be counted.  Show U.S. Congress and grant foundations we want great parks and programs.

SACCA offers $5 Individual Memberships which are 100% tax-deductible.  Membership has no real benefit and is more important as just being a supporter — SACCA needs to show funding agencies we have support.

Mission, Vision and Priorities

Mission: Support the mission, priorities and vision of the Central Ohio U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Vision: Provide a non-profit foundation and executive management of non-federal funds and volunteers so that Central Ohio communities have the full benefit of US Army Corps of Engineers Parks and Programs

Priorities: Water Safety • Wildlife Habitat • Recreation Improvement • Cultural/Resource Education

Hall Of Fame: SACCA Founders

The Thomas R. Gross Family Foundation funded SACCA’s startup and first two years.

Brannon Industries made the single largest donation having committed in 2019.

Berkshire Campground made the largest donation from the general public.

Descendants of Ira P. Rawdon Sr. & Bertha P. Whiteside-Rawdon provided the largest overall support.

  • Cousins David Rawdon and Jonathan Rawdon provide extra help

Jane Switzer, David & Pam Rose and Troy & Sheri Schmitt significant contributions.

Owners of Optimal Eye Care, Patio Room Factory and T&D Landscape & Maintenance made donations.

Other Individuals:  Don & Teri Beres, Dustin Brannon, Betty Jo Davis, Dr. Laura Engler, Rick Gensner, Scott Hulver, Scott Hulver, Kevin Jenkins, Laurie Lipscomb, Janet Lloyd, Barb Rawdon, Dee & Mark Rawdon, Chad Rawdon, Cory Rawdon, Paula Wolfe, and Mark Yates.  Also Corey Christian, Donny Diehl, Frank Lowe and Bob Mock.   

SACCA Youth Corps:  Gabe Achtmann, Marissa Johnston & Derek Rather

USACE Manager Sylvia Chelf initiated SACCA with assistance of USACE Ranger Kara Blomgren.